Three New Features for Adaptable Google Ads on the Display Network

Three New Features for Adaptable Google Ads on the Display Network

by Wanda Moore March 12, 2019

A few months ago I was writing on these pages Why start using Google Ads in 2019? within Display campaigns in Google Ads.

Google, which in the meantime has not remained idle, has implemented three new features that make the choice of this format even more interesting.

1. Management of video assets

According to Google, 60% of those who buy online today use videos to get ideas and inspiration.Which doesn’t sound so strange, considering that YouTube is actually the second search engine in the world.

videos to generate leadsAlong with the assets you already know – images, logos, short and long titles, descriptions – it is now possible to manage up to 5 videos from your YouTube channel within an adaptable ad , lasting 30 seconds (or less). Given the ad format that will be generated, the recommended proportions range from 16: 9 to 9:16, from 1: 1 to 4: 3.

The advice: test different proportions together, without limiting yourself to using a single postcard format video.

2. A new “combinations” report

It was one of the first reports I searched for in Google Ads – without finding it – when I started to seriously use adaptive ads in my campaigns.

The idea is simple: being able to assess at a glance which of the many possible combinations of announcement are generating the best results, thus having the opportunity to intervene individually on the less performing assets.

You can access the report by clicking on the top “Combinations” tab in the “Announcements and extensions” section at the ad group level, possibly choosing a time range between the last n-days or focusing on a specific month.

The advice: don’t assume that every asset has the same effectiveness within your ad. This is what the “Combinations” section is for. Keep an eye on the report and don’t be afraid to remove or retouch an asset. Also remember that for the time being the evaluation only considers the number of times the combination has been shown.

3. The panel “Effectiveness of the announcement”

One of the risks that I’ve always seen – especially in the classroom – in telling the wonders of adaptable ads was the fact that only a small amount of assets were really mandatory to deliver the announcement. The risk is to design poorly creative ads, always the same as themselves.

Fortunately, Google has decided to introduce at the top of the ad’s construction page a sort of “scorecard” (a scoreboard) that today evaluates the quantity – and above all the quality – of the assets sent, even before saving the announcement.

Especially for those who are beginners, being pushed to think about the umpteenth variation of titles or description (or image, video or logo) can seem frustrating, but brings great benefits to the campaign started.

The advice: 3 + 3 + 3. Always use at least three short titles, three descriptions and three images in rectangular and square format.

Rosy future

In short, the adaptable ads are among us and are increasingly part of the Google Ads experience on the Search Network, increasingly replacing the good old ones with the “loaded ads”. Why not use them?

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