Property Sets Will Soon Disappear From The Google Search Console

Property Sets Will Soon Disappear From The Google Search Console

by Wanda Moore February 28, 2019

Google will soon delete the property sets in its Search Console . In an official press release, you are advised to download data from the interface or API before the service is completely switched off.

In these hours many will have received an email sent by Google to the verified owners of the Search Console where it is felt that the property set will officially disappear by the end of March.

In truth, the news does not take us by surprise, as we already announced a few months ago that with the beginning of 2019 the Google Search Console would have undergone radical changes.

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From today we are sure because Google in person has sent a notification on closure to all those who use the aforementioned function.

As you can see from the screenshot published above, the warning is among the most important and SEO and webmasters should not underestimate the notification received and if you used this feature to create reports for your company or for those of their customers data backup It is highly recommended.

As we said, Google will no longer support property sets by the end of next month. So it is necessary to communicate the change to the person who manages your site or in the case of web agencies to give communication to their customers as soon as possible.

What are the Google Search Console property sets

Property sets were introduced by Google in its Search Console years ago as a way to combine multiple verified profiles into a single set. So if you had a site in the http or https version, in the mobile site version or in an app you could check all the properties with the same brand.

From now on Google will allow, instead, to group them all together in a single new property to see how much and how the property as a whole is acting.

Fortunately for those who for years keeps track of all the versions of each website that manages can download the data from the interface or API before the service goes out completely. After that, we should wait and see what happens as Google does not provide additional specifications.

Says the company confirming that it is working to provide new ways to manage sites with multiple hosts or protocols.

Months ago we reported that Google was testing a similar function called domain property that automatically created these types of sets in the new version of Google Search Console.

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But this function has never been launched and perhaps it could be the new mode that we could see in action from next April.

So even if it is not clear what is going to replace the set of properties, we can still say that Google has already completely launched a view on the performance of the  most performing data reports in the new Google Search Console.

A process that is part of this work of automation / simplification wanted by Google to create a Search Console easier and more intuitive in management and that leads it to become a real analysis tool on a par with the most famous and emblazoned web site audits currently on the market from the costs not really for all affordable.

Simplification and ease of use seem to be the watchwords, with an eye, however, always aimed at the past, aware of the fact that many SEOs continue to like the idea of ​​being able to check and see the details of individual properties.


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