What does & How do we Become a Digital Strategist?

What does & How do we Become a Digital Strategist?

by Wanda Moore February 23, 2019

The web is full of professions that capture the imagination of those who appear in this field and the digital strategist is, certainly, one of those figures that can become a reference for those who want to put their skills at the service of productivity, improvement company.

The risk is to create confusion between specializations. There is the web marketing consultant who represents the reference step, a sort of  generic arrival . Then we find the SEO specialist , the social media manager and dozens of more or less substantial specializations.

What does the digital strategist do? What is its role within a balance dedicated to communication strategy? In this article I try to take stock of the situation, well aware of the fact that we will need your help, in the comments, to refine and improve the initial definition.

Who is and what a digital strategist does: explanation

In the chaos of professional combinations and appointments, that of the strategist is certainly central. What are we talking about? The digital strategist is the figure that draws the path to follow with respect to everything that involves the use of digital tools . Whether they are on the web or not.

online-marketing-strategiesThis definition is very important because it is linked to the old diatribe: what is the difference between web and digital marketing ? Simple, the first sphere concerns only (so to speak) what moves between the meshes of the network, so that is outlined online. The second embraces a wider area .

Like that of augmented reality or geolocation tools that send notifications when the user is in certain areas. In short, the concept is clear: the digital strategist does not stop at the www but takes care of everything that reasons in terms of binary code.

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What to study and know to have possibilities?

A professional must work on three levels: field experience, experimentation and training . This applies to those involved in copywriting and search engine optimization. But a digital strategist has more responsibilities, you can not specialize and work only on one point.

The main skill of this figure is the ability to track, define, set and monitor a promotion campaign on digital channels. For this reason, his skills must be applied to all the steps necessary to give the necessary resources to a company, a freelancer or an organization. Perhaps this is one of the most coveted professions.

The multidisciplinary approach is what a digital strategist needs, he must know how all the channels necessary for promotion work. Including advantages, disadvantages, repercussions and KPI to be monitored in order to evaluate the good performance of a digital strategy.

How do you become an expert in digital strategy?

The first step you need to put into play to become an established professional in this sector: mess. Find a job in a web agency specializing in large projects, so you can get real experience. Steal work from those with more skills than you.

And he studies, but not without a good guideline. Clear that a digital strategist must know everything to be able to choose the right tools in a given situation. However, it must first have a good theoretical basis also in terms of organizing workflows . Not only with respect to sales theories, SEO optimizations and the structure necessary to do email marketing .

What does this professional figure do in practice?

Study the initial condition well, address the brand in question and contextualize it with respect to time and circumstances. The analysis of the competition is important and from the whole of this recipe comes the digital strategy that must be put in place. With all the attention to identify the figures necessary to carry out the actions. And finally you have to evaluate everything.

What has been done must be analyzed and then started again. The work of the digital strategist is not just about putting ideas into practice: this is the first part , the simplest part. The complex phase concerns what to do to improve the results obtained. And change to avoid negative outcomes. The true skill of this professional is in evolution.

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Do you want to improve the definition of digital strategist?

As anticipated in the first paragraphs, you need your contribution and a different experience. Can a digital strategy expert be included in these passages ? Are those that I listed the essential points to find work in this area? How can we improve?

Leave a comment and help me to give an exact definition of the work of digital strategist , highlighting the strengths that this figure has in a complete scenario.

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