Visual Marketing Errors That Will Ruin Your Best Strategies

Visual Marketing Errors That Will Ruin Your Best Strategies

by Wanda Moore March 15, 2019

What are the main errors of visual marketing ? The question is not obvious because we often tend to work with images and videos superficially, focusing only on what can be considered a sort of primordial advantage over other contents. An example?

Facebook is proactive towards photos and videos, its algorithm rewards these solutions. Consequently, the editorial calendar of this social network is based on such solutions. However, a generic approach risks being counterproductive . Even harmful.

The same applies to blog infographics . Is the minimum commitment on this front enough to gain advantages in terms of sharing and earning links ? Maybe you can use predefined templates and online apps at no cost? You risk losing only precious time.

And this applies to all platforms that can take advantage of visual marketing . Is there a way to avoid this and direct resources towards what really matters for your online brand?

Always work evaluating goals

This is the most important point to record: a visual activity can be challenging , and require a large number of resources, but if it does not work in a clear direction it becomes useless.

In other words, we often do visual marketing without knowing what the goal is to achieve. A clear example? Think of Instagram stories and the application of this channel with respect to different business models. Does everyone need this step? Sure?


Focus on your project. Why did you decide to communicate with the followers through these clips that are destroyed after 24 hours? If you take a look at the best digital marketing strategies for Instagram you realize that the most famous brands work with these messages to engage.

Maybe taking advantage of the possibility of sending stories to a small group  in order to create a sort of favorite list . And benefit, with certain messages, the public in a timely manner.

This is just an example , but it has a clear meaning: you have to work with a specific goal, without letting yourself be influenced by what your competitors do. The storytelling visuals can be a powerful tool, but you have to contextualize and adjust according to a purpose.

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Do you have the skills and tools?

Other visual marketing errors to avoid? Often, also due to powerful tools like Canva and Lumen5, there is the risk of flattening the work on inadequate fees.

Or in any case superfluous to the purpose. Working on images and videos may seem to be within everyone’s reach thanks to the use of particularly effective and free visual tools . In part it is so, but not always.

If you want to make a difference you cannot be satisfied with the standardized results that can give you this application. Especially if you use the basic version, not always ideal.

To avoid mediocre results, you need to consider working with a professional graphic designer and exploit tools that are not available to everyone. Like Photoshop for graphics and advanced tools for video editing. 

Ignore the psychology of color

Those who work with visual marketing for a long time know this delicate step. Each shade of color has precise values ​​and can be used to reach the public.

Furthermore, color can have different meanings based on circumstance and audience. For example, black is an option that communicates elegance and is perfect for luxury goods. But it’s not good anywhere. Just take a look at this graphic to understand the dynamics.

o understand the dynamics.

But if I have to propose a graphic on a Facebook page of a dentist I will have to use different colors such as, for example, light blue or green. Considering also particular chromatic circumstances such as pastel colors that are much more delicate and suitable for certain circumstances .

Among the main errors of visual marketing is the superficiality with respect to these details which, in reality, can become central in a general strategy to introduce yourself to the public.

Incongruity with the visual identity

An issue that is always important when dealing with the various errors of visual marketing: is your content marketing activity on the editorial calendar aligned with the efforts to build the brand?

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If you worked well, your visual identity is accompanied by a coordinated image. That is to say a series of indications that allow to be present in the world of online and offline communication with consistency. I refer above all to fonts and logos to be included in all contexts.

Not forgetting the company’s tone of voice, graphic details and official colors. To align and harmonize communication, visual marketing must start from these steps. Unable to ignore the identity and image of the brand when you create your best content.

Never underestimate visual storytelling

Here is one of the most widespread errors in this area: dealing with narration through superficial content . Thinking that in the end a few photos taken from Unsplash, a Canva template and some quotes stolen from WikiQuote to make visual storytelling are enough .

Not so, we need strategy and skills ranging from design to copywriting. Going through the analysis of the KPIs needed to improve the activity Tackling this discipline with the right attention means avoiding the first (and perhaps more serious) error of your online activity.

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Visual marketing errors: experiences?

The attention to these details is fundamental for the brand, the epic fail is always lurking in situations of scarce attention. Am I too dramatic? Perhaps, in any case, visual marketing errors can determine an important cost for your company. This is to be avoided.

Proceed without goals, ignoring the coordination with the brand identity and passing over the steps to get good results: do you want to add something to these flaws to avoid?

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