The 5 Digital Marketing Trends we will see this Year

The 5 Digital Marketing Trends we will see this Year

by Wanda Moore February 19, 2019

The internet evolves at an ever increasing rate, and with it also digital marketing . Many strategies are outdated and, regardless of your online presence, you need to focus more on qualified leads .

If until a few years ago there was talk of  lead  generation  as that marketing action aimed at generating a generic list of possible customers interested in products or services offered by a company, today we must absolutely speak only and exclusively of lists and qualified lists .

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That’s why if you’re still using the classic digital marketing strategies you ‘re probably missing out on many occasions and keeping up with technology seems to be, today more than ever, the key to success.

The technologies are constantly evolving, as are the tools that help us understand the digital landscape and the digital behavior of people. Not keeping up is no longer an option. At the end of 2017, as every year, we analyzed the trends that were emerging for 2018, and the same thing we did both at the end of last year and in these first two months of 2019, because the trends (social, marketing, seo services, etc.) will have an important driving force throughout the year.

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Five digital marketing trends in 2019

Video Marketing or Storytelling

In the last year the videos have seen an increasing use by users of any age, sex and cultural level. And the big brands immediately understood the importance of video marketing and storytelling and it is also easy to understand why: the first factor is authenticity .

To stand out and increase one’s credibility, even within one’s own work niche, people need to see who is behind the brand. The password is always the same: give a face to the brand.

The second factor is the amount of content produced . Too much quantity at the expense of quality, with the drastic decline in user attention. The videos have arrived at the right time, making a calm with a sort of digital truce.

If we then think that 80% of all web traffic is expected to be video-based by the end of 2019, we understand well in which direction we need to project our digital marketing strategies. YouTube tells us that mobile video consumption doubles every year. Videos are more engaging and more than 40% of people are interested in watching videos rather than reading written content.

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Creating a storyboard around a product or service is a fundamental part of a great brand promotion strategy . Facebook and YouTube constantly invite brands to tell their stories in just a few seconds, so as to enjoy fast and easily visible content, better if with a duration of less than 6 seconds.

Customization and user experience

Who does not like being remembered? Of course we all like to be treated well and the same should apply whenever you access a website. Sectors such as financial services, portals dedicated to technology and health and well-being are investing more and more to improve the user experience of their users.

On a parallel level, digital marketing companies analyze millions of consumer behavior data every day to design personalized experiences. And it is for this reason that 4 out of 10 marketers constantly use dynamic content, trying to get further and further away from publishing static content.

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The most important brands, for years, have been exploiting the power of personalization through the automation of electronic mail with ad hoc direct email marketing ( DEM) campaigns . The first important results are also being seen in the B2B and B2C areas.

Attention, however, to the too much personalization that could make the campaigns less effective. The strategy must always be directed towards customer demand and adapt to it day after day.

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Micro Moment

Google started talking about micro moment already in 2015, based on the idea of ​​personalization and targeted marketing. More and more people are looking for information while on the move, doing their research mainly from mobile devices .

If the speed of loading pages on mobile devices is crucial, the on-demand information  to accelerate the impulsive decision-making process will be even more important .

That’s why, for example, from a respected digital marketing strategy, we expect UX design of device-independent advertising campaigns to help consumers find increasingly accurate information.

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Social media and dark social

Social media platforms are a dominant force in the digital marketing landscape. Over 4 billion users use social media daily to enjoy and share content.

Channels such as e-mails, messaging apps, etc., where users often remain anonymous, are also used to disseminate content. More than 80% of the contents are shared by channels that are called ” dark social “. Most consumers who share dark social content are people over the age of 55.

The brands that trace only the analysis of the web can lose this medium that is a big part of the traffic of reference and within which a great opportunity is hidden.

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Artificial intelligence and chatbot

How many times in recent months have we talked about artificial intelligence and  Google Brain.  The future, if not already a part of the present, will see an ever increasing interaction between human beings with automated processes and machines. Artificial intelligence algorithms are working on the accuracy and authenticity of the content published online, in terms of speech accuracy .

The next step, not too far away, will be to study, analyze, predict and respond to the behavior of online users.

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And it is precisely in this context that the chatbots, the  natural extension of the AI , have been moving in recent years . The chatbots, incorporated into the digital marketing landscape, are used to improve the customer service experience .

With the help of AI they are learning user behavior and responding with appropriate suggestions, making their user experience enjoyable for the user.

So here’s what we’ll be waiting for this year. One of the most important digital marketing trends in 2019, as we have seen, is interactivity, an increasingly personalized interactivity that intercepts the needs and needs of the individual user.

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