Google search command

Before and After: The New Google Search Commands

by Wanda Moore April 12, 2019 SEO

For months, Google has been testing new search commands and these days it has launched new commands before / after for Google Search .

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Google Publishes The White Paper For SEO

by Wanda Moore March 16, 2019 SEO

” Fighting disinformation across our products ” is the title of the Google white paper dedicated to disinformation, especially in the SEO sector . In 30 pages,

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Twitter Chits: A New Tool Shows The Best Time To Publish

by Wanda Moore March 16, 2019 SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING

News in Twitter for tools and features. This time the new entry is “Timing is everything”, the analysis tool that indicates the best day

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Facebook Publishes A New Guide on Digital Marketing Tests

by Wanda Moore March 15, 2019 SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING

In order to maximize social media marketing strategies, it  is always necessary to conduct verification tests and in these days  Facebook  has published a new guide on

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What is Performance Marketing & How Can It Be Useful

What is Performance Marketing & How Can It Be Useful?

by Wanda Moore March 13, 2019 Marketing, Web Marketing

The concept of performance marketing can be the solution to get good results from your online promotion activity. All this because it points

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Facebook: A New Report Reveals The Engagement Trends Of The Pages

by Wanda Moore February 27, 2019 Business, Education, Marketing, SEO

How many times, dear social media strategists, have you wondered what are the current trends on Facebook? Or how to interact to the best

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Incoming New Features “Hacked” in the Google Search Console

by Wanda Moore February 21, 2019 Education, Marketing, SEO, Tech

Directly from Twitter, digging through the JavaScript code, the seo JR Oakes revels a preview of what will probably be the new features that

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linkedin launches its live-streaming

LinkedIn launches its Live-Streaming “LinkedIn Live”

by Wanda Moore February 15, 2019 Business, Education, Marketing, SEO, Tech, Uncategorized

Even LinkedIn  has failed to resist the temptations and after the best known social networks has decided to launch its personal Live-Streaming

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Why start using Google Ads in 2019?

by Wanda Moore February 15, 2019 Backlink, Education, SEO, Tech

It sometimes happens that, falling into the most classic cognitive bias , an advertiser images that for all the brands and professionals

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Google adds voice input and voice results in mobile search

by Wanda Moore February 13, 2019 SEO, Tech

Important novelty of these days at home Google has added to the  microphone in the search field on Android phones  the vocal results to allow a total

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