linkedin launches its live-streaming

LinkedIn launches its Live-Streaming “LinkedIn Live”

by Wanda Moore February 15, 2019 Business, Education, Marketing, SEO, Tech, Uncategorized

Even LinkedIn  has failed to resist the temptations and after the best known social networks has decided to launch its personal Live-Streaming

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Why start using Google Ads in 2019?

by Wanda Moore February 15, 2019 Backlink, Education, SEO, Tech

It sometimes happens that, falling into the most classic cognitive bias , an advertiser images that for all the brands and professionals

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Google adds voice input and voice results in mobile search

by Wanda Moore February 13, 2019 SEO, Tech

Important novelty of these days at home Google has added to the  microphone in the search field on Android phones  the vocal results to allow a total

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Facebook Revenue and Usage Statistics (2019)

by Wanda Moore January 23, 2019 SEO, Tech

Facebook is one of the popular app people use it in their daily routine. For other people it is just

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How does the Xiaomi Mi Band track my deep sleep?

by Wanda Moore April 17, 2018 Health & Beauty, Tech

First of all, the millet wristband 2 has built-in accelerometer and photoelectric rhythm sensor. The data monitored by these two

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