SEM Manager and SEM Specialist

SEM Manager and SEM Specialist: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

by Wanda Moore March 25, 2019 Web Marketing

It happens to find great demand from SEM Manager and SEM Specialist . It is no coincidence, these are professions that work closely

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Visual Marketing Errors That Will Ruin Your Best Strategies

by Wanda Moore March 15, 2019 Business, Marketing, SEO

What are the main errors of visual marketing ? The question is not obvious because we often tend to work with images and

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Google Advice to Optimize E-Commerce

by Wanda Moore March 08, 2019 Marketing, SEO, Tech

Over the years it has become increasingly common practice to fill the bottom of the pages of the categories of e-commerce with

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7 Strategic Tips For Visual Content Marketing

7 Strategic Tips For Visual Content Marketing

by Wanda Moore February 27, 2019 Marketing, SEO, SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING

The images help to increase traffic, clicks and conversion . The visual content marketing  or visual content , is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies

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Facebook: A New Report Reveals The Engagement Trends Of The Pages

by Wanda Moore February 27, 2019 Business, Education, Marketing, SEO

How many times, dear social media strategists, have you wondered what are the current trends on Facebook? Or how to interact to the best

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When digital and classic marketing merge

When Digital & Classic Marketing Merge!

by Wanda Moore February 23, 2019 Business, Marketing, SEO, Tech

Today, the frontier between digital and conventional marketing is getting slimmer. With the presence of digital in everyday life, it is

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How to use Facebook’s Audience Insights & find the Right Target

by Wanda Moore February 21, 2019 Business, Marketing, SEO, Tech

Do you know the interests and passions of your customers? Do you know where they live? If they are predominantly men or

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Incoming New Features “Hacked” in the Google Search Console

by Wanda Moore February 21, 2019 Education, Marketing, SEO, Tech

Directly from Twitter, digging through the JavaScript code, the seo JR Oakes revels a preview of what will probably be the new features that

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Facebook: thanks to Instagram Stories advertising revenue over 16.6 billion dollars

by Wanda Moore February 19, 2019 Business, Marketing, Tech

Rumors wanted Facebook to sink into a slow agony instead according to the report on earnings in the fourth quarter of 2018 , the

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Twitter is Testing a New User Profile View

by Wanda Moore February 19, 2019 Marketing

Apparently, it’s not just Instagram and Facebook that are constantly updating their features. In these days, Twitter is in fact testing a new visualization of user profiles through the

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