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What’s New in Google Ads Editor?

by Wanda Moore April 22, 2019 Web Advertising

Admittedly, Google Ads is now an efficient platform with a rational layout, the result of progressive revisions over the years. However, when you

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Visual Content Marketing: The Brands from Which to Take Inspiration

by Wanda Moore April 20, 2019 SEO, SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING

Which companies can get the most with visual content marketing? When defining a strategy with respect to this theme there is always

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Bing Ads Launches 70 Action Extension

by Wanda Moore April 12, 2019 Web Marketing

Bing Ads introduced 70 extension extensions in these hours with an interesting new feature that allows advertisers around the world to use call to action buttons in

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Does Your Ecommerce Not Convert? Here Are the Mistakes to Avoid!

by Wanda Moore April 12, 2019 Web Marketing

This is the typical problem: ecommerce does not sell or mistakes to avoid . It is not such a difficult event, indeed. In most

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Google search command

Before and After: The New Google Search Commands

by Wanda Moore April 12, 2019 SEO

For months, Google has been testing new search commands and these days it has launched new commands before / after for Google Search .

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Marketing Automation: What Is It and What Are the Real Benefits?

by Wanda Moore April 05, 2019 Web Marketing

The concept of marketing automation is particularly interesting because it allows you to work on a very important step: to optimize your

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Visual Marketing Errors That Will Ruin Your Best Strategies

by Wanda Moore March 15, 2019 Business, Marketing, SEO

What are the main errors of visual marketing ? The question is not obvious because we often tend to work with images and

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Facebook Publishes A New Guide on Digital Marketing Tests

by Wanda Moore March 15, 2019 SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING

In order to maximize social media marketing strategies, it  is always necessary to conduct verification tests and in these days  Facebook  has published a new guide on

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What is Performance Marketing & How Can It Be Useful

What is Performance Marketing & How Can It Be Useful?

by Wanda Moore March 13, 2019 Marketing, Web Marketing

The concept of performance marketing can be the solution to get good results from your online promotion activity. All this because it points

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Google Advice to Optimize E-Commerce

by Wanda Moore March 08, 2019 Marketing, SEO, Tech

Over the years it has become increasingly common practice to fill the bottom of the pages of the categories of e-commerce with

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