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SEM Manager and SEM Specialist

SEM Manager and SEM Specialist: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

by Wanda Moore March 25, 2019 Web Marketing

It happens to find great demand from SEM Manager and SEM Specialist . It is no coincidence, these are professions that work closely

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Why You Should Keep an Eye on The Click Share (Now Available on The Search Network)

by Wanda Moore March 19, 2019 Web Marketing

Recently we talked about how Google is now determined to retire the “average size” metric starting next September, introducing new and more

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Facebook Pages: New Features To Store And Share Stories

by Wanda Moore March 18, 2019 SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING

Apparently, these days Facebook is testing new features to store and share Pages Stories . To spread this news was social media expert Matt Navarra through a Tweet,

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Google Confirms the Florida 2.0 Update

by Wanda Moore March 18, 2019 SEO

The “old” SEOs knew Florida in 2003. After 16 years, that’s back in version 2.0. Since May 13th one of the most important Google updates is underway and

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5 common web marketing mistakes to avoid

5 Common Web Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

by Wanda Moore March 18, 2019 SEO, Web Marketing

Everyone says that by mistake you acquire the necessary skills to avoid problems in the future . And that the experience is like

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Google Publishes The White Paper For SEO

by Wanda Moore March 16, 2019 SEO

” Fighting disinformation across our products ” is the title of the Google white paper dedicated to disinformation, especially in the SEO sector . In 30 pages,

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Visual Marketing Errors That Will Ruin Your Best Strategies

by Wanda Moore March 15, 2019 Business, Marketing, SEO

What are the main errors of visual marketing ? The question is not obvious because we often tend to work with images and

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How to Use Lighthouse to Measure Target Tap Spacing?

by Wanda Moore March 13, 2019 SEO

At this time, Google is sending emails to notify you of problems detected by the Google Search Console . Among these, one of

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Growth Hacking on the Cogwheels.

51% of Sites Are Hacked For SEO Purposes

by Wanda Moore March 12, 2019 SEO

The report published by Sucuri states that over half of the sites hacked in 2018 were attacked for SEO purposes . The technique used is SEP and is

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Google Advice to Optimize E-Commerce

by Wanda Moore March 08, 2019 Marketing, SEO, Tech

Over the years it has become increasingly common practice to fill the bottom of the pages of the categories of e-commerce with

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