Incoming New Features “Hacked” in the Google Search Console

Incoming New Features “Hacked” in the Google Search Console

by Wanda Moore February 21, 2019

Directly from Twitter, digging through the JavaScript code, the seo JR Oakes revels a preview of what will probably be the new features that we will shortly find in the Google Search Console .

For those unfamiliar named JR Oakes just quote his blog and immediately you understand who the deus ex machina, the blog that as a subtitle reads “hacker, coder, and developer in Technical SEO”.

And as in the best of intentions this time, too, he leaves his signature by posting a preview of a series of new features that are probably coming to GSC, as we said, going to find the features in the interface code.

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JR Oakes after digging into the JavaScript code of Google Search Console has decided to publish a few tweets on Twitter with attached screenshots so as to give all of us a quick preview by reviewing what he thinks will be some new features that soon we will see operational.

Yes, because the “hacked” features relate to some additions and reports from GSC that are not yet fully active and that Google itself is testing “hidden”.

Based on its findings, the following reports could soon be added to Search Console and certainly its considerations are very useful for all the SEOs to understand in which direction Google is moving.

JR Oakes revels a preview

Page speed report

A real report dedicated to page speed seems to be close to activation in the Search Console.

As we can see in the screenshot below, JR Oakes writes that it is not certain that the code is related to the loading speed of the entire site, but certainly opens up an interesting hypothesis, if only in the tweet he writes:

“Speed ​​(I can not wait for this):
/ search-console / speed
/ search-console / speed / drilldown
Not live yet.”

He’s right when he says that you can not wait any longer, because if until today Google offers other tools to measure the speed of the page (but this implies the verification of individual URLs one by one), most likely the new report will cover all URLs of a site and their speed.

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Oakes discovered this information, which could be related to the metrics included in the next page speed report. We just have to wait and see when the report will be published.

Page speed report

AMP Articles

For those who love AMP can not but rejoice because the screenshot below is too explanatory given that we speak specifically of a report dedicated to the performance of AMP articles


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Amp Articles:
/ search-console / amp-articles
/ search-console / amp-articles / drilldown


Google Discover Performance

Site owners will soon be able to analyze the performance of their pages in Google Discover , which is the section that appears below the search box on the Google homepage on mobile devices.

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According to JR Oakes, this report is already online but does not yet contain any data.

Performance on Google Discover:
/ search-console / performance / discover
Live (anyone with data?)

Google Discover Performance

Report on contents dedicated to minors

It seems that Search Console has also added a report dedicated to pages marked as directed to children or children in general.

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JR Oakes says this relationship is already online.

Child-Directed Content:
/ search-console /
Live cup

Report on contents dedicated to minors

Extended support for structured data / advanced cards

According to the analyzed code Search Console could soon report in detail on the following types of structured data:

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Structured Data / Rich Cards:
Courses, Events, How-To, Jobs, Movies, Recipes, Amp-Articles, Lenslets, Local Business, FAQs, Articles, Lists, Breadcrumbs, Jobs
Additional: Factcheck, Q / A, Product

Extended support for structuredDisable Google search sections

A very interesting feature could be to disable specific search sections, so, for example, site owners may remove their page from Shopping, Flights, Hotels and Local.

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You can remove your site from: Shopping, Flights, Hotels, and Local (?).
/ search-console / opt-out

Disable Google search sect

A praise to JR Oakes is more than due, because with a simple analysis code javascript has immediately identified what most likely in the coming months will appear in all Search Consoles and between new features and reports the SEOs around the world will have even more a tool to do seo high-level audits, but which never hurts, totally free.

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We too can not wait to try all these new features of the Google Search Console, and as always we will relate in each case.


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