Google Search Console: New Set Of Tools For Managing “Products”

Google Search Console: New Set Of Tools For Managing “Products”

by Wanda Moore February 27, 2019

A new feature has been silently launched in the Google Search Console for sites that contain products. A real tool to control how Google handles markups and more.

Several times in the last few months we have written about how the Google Search Console is becoming a real tool for auditing a website.

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Google is investing heavily in this sector because, today more than ever, having an untreated and not perfectly indexed website is synonymous with neglect.

A neglect that Google has never liked, and it is for this reason that a few months to this part was started a path aimed not only to SEO and webmasters, but more generally to all site owners, trying to make understand that a site with errors and / or vulnerabilities will hardly be competitive.

And without much fanfare these days the Google Search Console has added a new section to the improvements section of the tool set called “Products”. This new section helps to see how product markup works  in Google search results.

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The “products” section thus joins a whole series of other categories already present and always aimed at improving websites, including job announcements , recipes, Q & A markup, AMP, mobile usability and others.

What is the set of tools for managing “Products” in the Google Search Console?

Here is a Google Search Console screen that shows some reporting data within the products section.

What is the set of tools for managing Products in the Google Search Console

As seen in the screen published by in the details section, the report shows the errors (zero), a valid markup that has alerts and therefore the total number of valid URLs.

How the tool set works

To view the set of tools to manage the “Products” in the Google Search Console it is necessary, first of all, that the website contains at least one product, to which it is necessary to add the product markup .

The product markup can be used either on the product page that describes a single product or on a shopping aggregator page that lists both a single product and information on the different vendors offering that product.

We understand the importance of the new set that, thanks to these functions, helps to improve the performance of e-commerce sites, facilitating the management of the markup of the single product.

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With this report, e-commerce managers can quickly understand what problems they have with their product markup and go and solve them in real time.

Google guides the webmaster by correcting, validating and sending the new markup to Google, all through the use of the Google Search Console.

How to help customers find products on Google

In his Webmaster Central Blog Google published a post entitled ” Help customers discover your products on Google” which describes this new feature along with two additional additional features for entering product data into Google:

(1) Search Console : As described above, there is this new report.

(2) Merchant Center : Product data feeds uploaded to Google Merchant Center can now be viewed in Search and Google Images results.

(3) Manufacturer Center : This now supports descriptions, variants and rich content such as high quality images and videos that can be viewed on the product’s knowledge panel.

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