Facebook Revenue and Usage Statistics (2019)

Facebook Revenue and Usage Statistics (2019)

by Wanda Moore January 23, 2019

Facebook is one of the popular app people use it in their daily routine. For other people it is just like a addiction people before having a cup of coffee in the morning they check what’s up happening with their friends, family, and countless number of brands they follow and of course news. Facebook is manipulating lives of hundreds of millions users & now has reached the point when a number of sober issues have popped up in Facebook media coverage and educational research.

Today, there are approximately 3 billion smartphones in use in the globe and out of them stunning number 75% of smartphone owners use Facebook app. 47% of Facebook user access through their Smartphones. Actually 6% of all digital time is spent on Facebook & the figure grows rapidly.

Facebook app has users in almost all corners of the world, here is a quick snapshot of how the app is popular in different parts of the world.


Facebook Key data points:

Number of Facebook monthly active users – 2.7 billion

Number of Facebook daily active users – 1.5 billion

Number of Facebook users in Europe – 3.9 billion

Number of Facebook users in US and Canada – 2.23 million

Number of Facebook users in Asia & Pacific – 700 million

Number of Facebook Messenger users – 1.2 billion

Facebook Total Revenue in 2018 – $13.7 billion (13.7 billion U.S. dollars, the majority of which were generated through advertising.)

Facebook platform is the heart of people with social interaction, here is what we can say about the app’s user figures.

Facebook User Statistics

Facebook having more than a 2.7 billion of active users, Facebook app is the one that has the most miscellaneous user profile. It is available globally.

In US and Canada alone Facebook has more than 223 million registered users, India has 294 million users, 140 million Indonesian people are on Facebook platform and Brazil comes four on this chart with 128 million registered users. In China Facebook is banned because the social network has been forbidden in China. 21% of Japanese smartphone owners use Facebook app on a monthly basis. So, we can say Facebook is one of the most of the most used platform on the earth.

Leading countries based on number of Facebook users as of October 2018 (in millions)

Leading countries based on number of Facebook users as of October 2018

Source: Statista


When we look at the demographics between male and female Facebook users for different age groups, out of which 56% of Facebook users are male and 44% are female. Among all different age groups, these 56% of male users presented with 18% among 25-34 years old one, and 16% among 18-24 years old one. Overall the only age group where female have more users is 55-64 years old.

Facebook user’s distribution by age and gender, October 2018

Facebook Usage Statistics

As of October 2018, there are more than 2.27 billion Facebook monthly active users. On a daily basis 1.5 billion people check out their favourite social network and more than 989 million of them do it via the mobile app. Only in US people spend their average 35 minutes of a day time in the Facebook mobile app & worldwide on an average time people spend 20 minutes on Facebook.

Facebook monthly active users 2016 – 2018, by region, in millions

Facebook Usage Statistics

Facebook Revenue

Graph & stats clearly show Facebook Q3, 2018 results & reports, maximum of the Facebook revenue was generated with advertising. The facebook app is one of the most installed app in the world. In 2014 the total number of downloads increased by 350 million via ads placed inside Facebook mobile apps.

Facebook Messenger

In 2011 Facebook decided to create a dedicated messaging app which will have some unique features other than Facebook app or on web like sending instant messages on Facebook. On basis of rumours we can say messaging app was first blazed by WeChat, Line, Viber and other popular IM apps, in March 0f 2015. In 2016 again Facebook launched chatbots solutions for Facebook messenger users worldwide which allows private business to build a communication channel with their costumers on Facebook messanger app.

Number of monthly active Facebook Messenger users 2014-2017, in millions

Source: Statista


The popularity and the development roadmap of the Facebook app has been dictated by the popularity of Facebook as a social network. The latest trend for the app is that its companion app Facebook Messenger becomes a platform to implement features that usually result in a standalone app. Such features as mobile payments, chatbots and various plugins are seen as the way to increase people’s experience of interaction with Facebook and allow people to do more on Facebook. It fits perfectly to the Facebook strategy to cover all people needs they usually satisfy on mobile websites or apps. Recently there use to come an error in android phone – Pname com Facebook orca error our technical team have also solved VarianceTV Adware.

Another fascinating prospect for the Facebook mobile app is to gain Virtual Reality output/input capabilities, as Oculus Rift, the Virtual Reality headset developer and manufacturer, acquired by Facebook for $2 billion in 2014, continues to improve the headset and over time the app may become one of its applications.

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