Facebook Publishes A New Guide on Digital Marketing Tests

Facebook Publishes A New Guide on Digital Marketing Tests

by Wanda Moore March 15, 2019

In order to maximize social media marketing strategies, it  is always necessary to conduct verification tests and in these days  Facebook  has published a new guide on digital marketing tests .

When designing a digital marketing strategy we almost always cannot know in advance what the target audience will be and how it will respond. This is why to get the most accurate overview of how the target audience can best respond, you need to try different types of content.

For example we cannot know the best times to post so as to convert and reach the reference market nor can we know the best types of images and hashtags  to use without experimenting first what actually works.

This is why Facebook has published a new guide updated with the title of “ Guide to Testing and Learning with Incrementality Measurement

But how do you know if a digital marketing campaign works?

How long should a test be conducted and what is the scope of the strategy we want to put in place? Furthermore, what are the variables that can significantly distort the results and therefore lead to a minor conversion compared to the real one?

This and much more has been published by Facebook in the last guide, where a series of common problems that are made during the analysis tests have been examined , going to outline the steps that all social media managers should do to avoid them and / or overcome them.

facebook-guida-test-digital-marketingFacebook has published this guide because it is well aware that it would be nice if all experiments came to an end without a hitch, despite being aware that the unexpected is always around the corner.

These tests offer an important opportunity for marketers to better learn how to move around in a constantly evolving social network like Facebook.

Looking through the pdf on page 16 of the “ Guide to Testing and Learning with Incrementality Measurement ” Facebook identifies the  six most common test errors , including the problems of sample selection, the way in which incorrect values ​​can distort data and problems with undefined variables.

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We are well aware that these guides are long and often not as interesting as the direct approach and the experimentation in the field, but the published notes will certainly help to improve the tests on the identification of the best public and not only.

The general study of the guide will allow all marketers to experiment with future strategic choices based on real evidence and not on generic assumptions or guides that report procedures heard here and there and never actually verified.

This is really the key for all social media managers to be able to start a high level training course, regardless if they are beginners or if they have been doing ADV campaigns on Facebook for years.

Based on real cases, there is the possibility of having a general overview on how to do digital marketing , knowing that, as in any ADV strategy and campaign, the fixed rules do not always allow to obtain the same results.

This is why if you believe that videos are the type of content with the best performance you need to do tests to understand how your audience will respond.

We should not be surprised if the results show that shorter Facebook messages generally work better and therefore to use them in videos and more.

The only way to know is to conduct as many experiments as possible and this guide serves to guarantee the result.

Having said that, it is certainly worth a look, or rather the guide would be to study carefully by reading and re-reading all the most important steps well, because a social media manager who takes his work seriously must first reduce errors to minimum, and this is the key to the success of the largest Italian and foreign social media managers.

[via socialmediatoday.com]

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