Facebook: A New Report Reveals The Engagement Trends Of The Pages

Facebook: A New Report Reveals The Engagement Trends Of The Pages

by Wanda Moore February 27, 2019

How many times, dear social media strategists, have you wondered what are the current trends on Facebook? Or how to interact to the best with the public? Now, finally, we have an answer to all your questions. The social analytics platform Quintly has released a report that clarifies how to improve the engagement of Facebook Pages. To do so, more than 94,000 pages and more than 105 million posts were analyzed , so that we can understand what is best and what is not for the presence of brands on the platform. And you are curious to know what came out of this analysis?

The latest trends to improve the engagement of Facebook Pages

Increasing audience interactions with your Facebook page is not that easy, we know that. Precisely for this reason, Quintly provided a series of data related to the behavior to follow in the management of company pages, so as to increase the interactions with users.

The first data provided by the social analytics agency is now very well known: posting a video on Facebook generates more engagement than sharing a link . To be exact, 258% more, according to reports from Quintly. But despite this, brands continue to share links on their company pages.

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” 55% of the 105 million posts analyzed were links. The photos were used in 29% of the posts and the videos reached about 14% “.

The behavior of the brands is however well explainable. On the one hand, they try to direct users to their site by sharing links on the Facebook page. And on the other hand, producing a video content is not so easy, especially if we consider that commercial purposes require a good quality of the product.

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Nothing new up to here, especially if you have been bazzled in the social media world for a while. Industry experts will know that video content is able to create more engagement , where it is possible to produce good ones. And if it was not possible? Quintly has a ready answer. In fact, in the second place in the ranking of contents that generate interaction with users, there are images,followed by the update of Facebook status. According to the report, even the latter would ensure greater engagement than sharing a link.

This shows, once again, how companies are more interested in conveying the public to their site, rather than interacting with the Facebook community. A better approach could be to find the right balance between the two actions. For your company it might be useful to interact with the platform public and increase coverage for posts to be published in the future (perhaps also for link sharing, who knows). It could then be interesting to experience the sharing of photos or videos that are in line with your business philosophy, so as to see what the public thinks.

But it is not just the data relating to the sharing of content those released by Quintly. The company has in fact shared an analysis of the best days for the interaction between Pages and users. Apparently, it would be the  best time for the weekend for the maximum involvement of the public . Of course there is less competition on the weekend, and people have more free time to navigate the platform. You could then try to post content on the weekend, so you can see if the users are more or less receptive, in a way that gives a good shock to the levels of engagement.

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In short, the ideas of the Quintly report seem to be really many and different from each other. So we suggest you take a look, so as to direct your marketing strategy towards new trends.

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