Visual Content Marketing: The Brands from Which to Take Inspiration

by Wanda Moore April 20, 2019 SEO, SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING

Which companies can get the most with visual content marketing? When defining a strategy with respect to this theme there is always

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Google search command

Before and After: The New Google Search Commands

by Wanda Moore April 12, 2019 SEO

For months, Google has been testing new search commands and these days it has launched new commands before / after for Google Search .

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Google Dataset Search: How to Use It For SEO

by Wanda Moore April 09, 2019 SEO

In September 2018 Google launched the Dataset Search tool , an engine that focuses on providing hard data source results  (searches, reports, charts, tables and

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The Google Algorithm Allows the SEO Specialist to Be Unique

by Wanda Moore April 06, 2019 SEO

Just a week ago,  Google’s John Mueller  responded to a thread opened on the Reddit Forum by a webmaster worried about not understanding

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Google The Tool to Modify the AMP Code and Mobile Devices

Google: The Tool to Modify the AMP Code and Mobile Devices

by Wanda Moore April 05, 2019 SEO

News at Google that launched two new online tools that support code editing. One dedicated to Google AMP and another to test tools

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How Google Ranks Spammy Link Sites

by Wanda Moore March 29, 2019 SEO

A John Mueller of Google was asked how Google ranks Web sites that they made a wrong use of link building and

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How to Create an Effective SEO Strategy with Voice Search Optimization?

by Wanda Moore March 26, 2019 SEO

From Google Assistant to Siri , people are starting to talk vocally with their devices. We prefer to talk rather than type. This is why creating

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Oncoming complaints for SEO scammers

Oncoming Complaints for SEO Scammers

by Wanda Moore March 19, 2019 SEO

For years the scammers SEOs have gained behind small and medium businesses. Worldwide the first complaints are coming and the first measures to protect the many serious

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Google Confirms the Florida 2.0 Update

by Wanda Moore March 18, 2019 SEO

The “old” SEOs knew Florida in 2003. After 16 years, that’s back in version 2.0. Since May 13th one of the most important Google updates is underway and

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5 common web marketing mistakes to avoid

5 Common Web Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

by Wanda Moore March 18, 2019 SEO, Web Marketing

Everyone says that by mistake you acquire the necessary skills to avoid problems in the future . And that the experience is like

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