Justseotech Inc. is a full-service internet marketing agency headquartered in Texas, Florida and throughout the United States. Providing Local SEO Services in Texas: Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, El Paso, Arlington etc etc. So, Let Justseotech improve your local search visibility with our effective local seo services for small businesses and multi-location retail companies.

With the Justseotech local SEO authority services in Texas that are offered for businesses in the United States, we can achieve fantastic results with ppc campaign, reputation management & video marketing. Our specialty lies in the fact that we can rank any keyword, no matter the competition levels, to the top positions on Google. Because we have over 10 years of experience, we can outrank competition levels even for the high competition levels that are so common with competing companies.

Many businesses believe that ranking locally is all about gaining citation links such as Yellowbook, Foursquare, Yelp e.t.c. While these basic citation links help with an overall marketing package, there is so much more that is involved in order to outrank the high competition.

Our local services go beyond local citation services and expand towards many other SEO factors that many agencies don’t touch. A broader approach involves our full range of services which include not only local SEO but social media marketing, content marketing, competitor analysis, Google maps optimization, guest posting services and more.

We provide a well-rounded approach when it comes to ranking businesses to the top of the search engines for their business keywords. For example, if you go to Google and type in a keyword such as “Texas SEO Authority Experts” you will see Justseotech as a top-ranked company. This is because we have completely optimized our website including both the on-page and off-page SEO optimization factors.Unlike other forms of advertising such as print advertising, brochures, newspaper ads e.t.c. Local SEO is all about having customers find your business and contact you on their terms. Instead of sending out 10,000 fliers to local businesses and hoping that a small percentage will respond, why not sit at the top of Google and let the leads come in naturally? By having top placements in search engines, you are allowing businesses to find your product or services on their own timing.

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Facts About Local SEO Marketing

Over 94% of PC users regularly find businesses online
48% of Google searches are used to find local businesses
Google maps have replaced the Yellow Book print advertising
Over 70% of mobile users will search for a local business and purchase from them
local-seoIt is easy to see why Local marketing is so powerful for businesses. There are hundreds of companies offering the same products and services. What really distinguishes one company from another is their local presence in the search engines.

Local Searches Offer Customers An Easy Way To Find Your Company
Common sense tells us that local searches are used to find products, services, and businesses in your area. There is a variety of ways local Google searches are used. One of the most common ways is to find a business address or phone number, or a business you already know about. However, for the vast majority of searches, users are searching for a service or product, and they don’t know which company to use. This is the majority of what local SEO is used for. We are helping businesses gain maximum search engine visibility in their area. We feel that this type of SEO is so powerful because it allows them to find your business at the time they need your service. This is the huge benefit of SEO compared to traditional types of advertising, as it allows the customer to search for you to begin with.

Local SEO Has The Highest Conversion Rates
Another reason why local works so well is because of the high conversion rates that go along with top Google rankings. Because customers are searching for your service and need it at the time of searching, it allows high conversion rates to follow. The ROI is incredibly high when you combine quality website design services and SEO into a 2 in 1 package. Not only will your website be fully mobile responsive and user-friendly, the customer will find exactly what they are searching for and quickly. Many local conversion rates are around 5-8% which is many times higher compared to print advertising.

The Internet Is Taking Over
If you are concerned about the long-term success of your business, then SEO provides the best marketing solution that is available. The internet is rapidly growing and expanding. Not only is the internet expanding at a rapid pace, so is mobile searches. Just a few years ago, 88% of all searches were done using a PC. If we skip forward a few years to the current date, we are now seeing high mobile searches as high as 57% compared to the PC searches. By having a mobile responsive website and top search engine rankings, you are ensuring 3 major benefits for your company.

Your current customers will be able to find your company easily when using online searches
Users searching for a new company will be able to learn about your product or service easily
All customers will have a positive viewing experience on your website

I want a free website seo analysis

As we look at this image, we will see that the number of desktop searches compared to mobile searches are changing. The mobile searches are growing rapidly while desktop searches are increasing slightly.

Millions of searches are being done every single day for local businesses. By having an optimized website and mobile responsive website your ROI and business growth will expand greatly.

Justseotech not only provides top Google rankings for our clients but we also develop mobile responsive websites that are built on WordPress. These 2 services combined are what make great local SEO.

Many Businesses Are Failing
The reason we say this is because over 48% of businesses have not even claimed their Google My Business listing! The Google listing is not an option, it is absolutely mandatory and it is crucial that businesses claim this listing. By claiming the listing you will have a greater chance of being found on the Google 3 pack listings, which show above the top #10 listings for many local searches. Justseotech provides Google maps optimization including the optimization of the Google 3 pack.

Another way businesses fail with their online marketing is the fact that over 75% of consumers trust business reviews. The shocking truth is that hundreds of businesses do not even bother having their clients post the review on platforms such as Google, Yelp, Facebook reviews. We provide reputation management services which help create a positive brand signal for your company.

The Reason We Offer Local SEO Is To Help Businesses Grow
This is why we offer SEO in the first place, to help businesses expand by gaining new customers in the local area. Justseotech has over 10 years of experience and we have ranked hundreds of keywords to the #1 position on Google. We recommend taking advantage of this fantastic marketing tool that has helped thousands of businesses throughout the United States grow tremendously. Learn more about our services by using our free SEO audit tool which will analyze your complete website and email you in-depthh report showing over 50 different ranking factors.